I was asked to produce some ideas for a figure that would go in a a cirular garden placed in the centre of a modern-day circus. The theme was set, and closely working with the landscape designers I came up with the idea of the ACROBAT. A figure that could tumble around the space - six of the same figure, each uniquely different either in patination or aspect.

Locking Castle Ltd, which is involved in a housing development on the edge of Weston-super-Mare, had the vision to create public spaces, similar to Georgian town gardens, for the enjoyment of the new local community. A space to sit, rest and contemplate, perhaps whether it is possible to bend into the acrobat's position (as my niece Claudia has done!).

Mason Richards Landscape have designed a really delightful space for a community to enjoy, grow up in and become really good neighbours. This garden will eventually have a grass area in the centre with maturing trees around the outer perimeter, all within a ring of iron railings, a safe haven for mothers to sit with young children. Around the acrobats is a soft play surface to cushion the fall of any child adventurous enough to climb on top.