Throughout the ages, fountains have held serious fascination for garden lovers all round the world. To quote the Fountain Society:

"The Mughal Emperors in India, the Caliphs of Spain in the Alhambra, the Popes in Rome, and the 18th Century Grandees all created wonderful fountains which still give pleasure today - and new fountains are constantly being created."

Well, O.K., Lily"s fountains may not be built on quite the scale of the Moguls or the Caliphs, but in those days your average folk probably had little time to spend pottering about the garden, making their vegetable patch a restful Monet-like water garden. Only the rich and famous had time to play with their ponds and fountains.

BUT NOT ANY MORE! Lily's fountains bring a great tradition of flowing water into OUR gardens, so now we can all play with our own ponds . . . . . . .

Lily's planters can also be water features. Click here to go to PLANTERS.

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